Friday, October 23, 2009

Theres no place like home!'s the moment you have all been waiting for!! OUR NEW HOUSE! This house is to DIE for! Its everything we could have ever asked for in a first home...and more!! Sorry the pictures are kinda crappy but you get the point!! This is our "table" for right now! It our island, and we love it! We bought the chairs and target and Cory put them together, it works! They are perfect height and number for our little family!
Our kitchen! .... yes that is a red kitchen-aid in the corner!!! I was so excited when Cory's grandma gave us that, i now have to start cooking so i can use it!

This is our living room! We got the couches and chair for free! People are so nice to newlyweds!
Our key holder........Long story about this.......short version
Saturday night-locked ourselves out, yes the keys were right here where they should be!
Lock smiths- Stink and think that charging us 150$ is funny in the middle of the night.
Sunday- Rolls around and still not in the house, we ended up sleeping at Cory's parents house
Lock smith- Still stink and say that Sunday prices are now over 150$
.................we don't have 150 buck-er-OS to spend......................
Church 11:00- In our pants and tee shirts from the night before, we decide we need the blessings and still go just sit out on the couches.
Mothers BMW- wont start.....who really knows why? (our car still locked in our house....with the house keys)
6 minutes to church- We decided that we REALLY needed the blessings so we jump on his parents pedals just little stubs cuz they are mountain bikes.
Bike to church- UP HILL.........yep we got sweaty!
Stayed for one talk and one song and went to go visit our friend because we were getting funny looks! Who blames them for staring at us.....we were in smelly jeans and dirty tee shirts!
Needless to say, we biked down to our house and through my genius ways got in!!!
Moral of the story.....go to church!
Our cute living room view to the kitchen!

Blurry picture of the corner of our room
Our bed and new night stand!

Master Bathroom!
Closet!!!! I know i HUGE!!!
Cory is still surprised that i filled it! clearly he didn't really know what he got himself into!
The front!!!! Pretty huh!
Not pictured....
band room-office, other bathroom, unfinished salon, laundry room.....i forgot to take pictures!

Monday, October 12, 2009

No Internet!!

Ok, sad news of the week, there is no Internet in our new house..........BUT GOOD NEWS IS THAT WE MOVED IN!!! We are in the house and ready to start actually living in it!! Sorry no pictures, its hard when you have no comp to download them!! The new house is BEAUTIFUL!!! We have lived in it for a little over a week with no problems.....that is until last night!!
We had Cory's parents over for dinner as a thank you for building the house slash showing i can lease one meal!!! (now they can sleep at night knowing their son will be fed....most of the time!) So after the prayer we were all standing around for a minute and all the sudden i see two drops come from the light above us...... oh yes you better believe it, we had a leak!!! Not just any leak, with in seconds it became a full stream! We hurried and turn off the water and lights and ate in the living room awaiting the water man! Ross.....what a gem, he came to our house at 8:30 on a Sunday night to rip up our house to find the problem! When they were putting in the hot water...something, a nail had punched a PBC pipe! We are super lucky that it happened at the moment we were all standing there and could catch it before we had 6 inches of water covering the basement floor!!! Now with only two medium sized holes our house.... it's fixed! Now we are just crossing our fingers that there are no more leaks!