Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hi my name is Levi,
Levi Jamison McArthur to be more specific! I am now four weeks old but my mother is a slacker and can't get anything done cuz i'm so dang cute! The pictures below will prove it! Let me update you..... I was born on october 10th at 2:11 am! My mom and I had a deal when i was in the "hotel de womb", If i didn't hurt her on the way out and if i made a quick exit then she would give me anything I wanted for the rest of my life! Sucker... Five hours (start to finish) i graced her with my presence and rocked her world! All 7 pounds 0 oz and 20 inches of me! Upon arrival, i had a hard time with that whole breathing business... Its hard ok! So after daddy cut off my leash and mommy got to kiss my head then they took me down to the nursery to help me! I had the best nurses and doctors! After about four hours i decided it was time to pull it together and let the nice ladies take me to my mom so i could match a face to the beautiful voice i heard for so long! Dang she is a looker! Daddy got super lucky to have such a hot wife! Well the rest is pretty much history! I love to sleep, eat and poop!