Sunday, February 28, 2010

Note to self....Remember
  • How good it felt to wear flip flops today.... even tho it was only 50 today! Summer is might take 4 more months but it will come!
  • How sweet your husband is, even when you are being a beast!
  • How he truly will do any thing for me!
  • Teaching sunbeams is truly the BEST calling EVER!!!! (granola bars for snacks are to messy, you wouldn't think but they eat them so slowly that they just crumble EVERYWHERE)
  • How living close to family is such a blessing! We have so much fun with them! Yes that's you Tara!!! we love playing with you guys!
  • Waiting and saving up for something makes it truly worth it!! We are getting a new camera tomorrow!! I can hardly wait!
  • Wall-flowers.....scentsy....any kind of candle cuz in the winter when you don't open your windows very much cuz its so freakin cold you want to die..... any time you cook your house smells like it all day long! The worst is eggs!
  • Sunday naps are the best!

Monday, February 1, 2010

If i were a rich girl......

If i could shop at one place for the REST of my life.....It would be Anthropologie!! I melt when ever i go in or even stalk the new arrivals! Seriously, not only do they have a killer clothing line they also have a home section!!! Sheets, plates, aprons any thing you could EVER wish for!!!

****ONE PROBLEM.........YOU ALSO NEED A HUGE WALLET!!! Not even close to my budget, but a girl can wish right!

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