Sunday, September 11, 2011

Almost done!!

36 weeks.. I can't believe that I'm almost done being pregnant!! Let me just tell you i'm THRILLED to be able to fit into normal clothes again! Even my "big" pajama shirts are barely fitting over my belly! Fall is my favorite time of year for fashion, scarfs, boots, blazers and jackets. Oh I could start pushing right now (to get the kid out..) But I will hold off on all the "tricks" till 38 weeks then the fun begins!
Most commonly asked question: Are you ready? Well for a blanket answer to the world, Nope not even close, but I have a package of new born diapers and his car seat, thats all I really need right? I still have a few showers to attend in jr's honor, and my sister threw me the most AMAZING SHOWER! But mentally i'm not ready! Will I ever be?
The nursery is not even close to being done and I have come to terms that he won't even need/use it for awhile so pictures will have to wait... :) Plus the house hasn't been deep cleaned yet, I guess the nesting thing has not kicked in! I'm jumping into motherhood the right way! Feet first and my eyes closed!
Well my friend from work convinced me to do maternity pictures, most of our ideas came from pintrest.... the most addicting thing since sliced bread! Neither her nor I are professionals but I think we did a pretty good job! Plus cory was a good sport to tag along and sit through this with me!