Sunday, November 14, 2010

Five Foot TROPHY!

Rocky Mountain Raceways Awards Banquet 2010!
This season of racing has been quite a ride! I have been around Cory and his bike/racing before (i mean our prom "day date" was down south at his desert race!) Plus in the desert racing you only see the riders for about ten seconds as they race on to the next mark but in motocross you sit on the bleachers and watch everything go down! Watching your husband out there is a different story! I was a little more attached to the man rounding the corners at 50 miles per hour.....But we made it through this season with no broken bones or cracked skulls!! At the end of each season they have a nice banquet where the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places are the only ones invited! Guess who got 1st place over all in the vintage class......Cory!! His dad placed 1st in the sportsman class! The 1st place guys get a free tux rental from Tuxedos by Lee. Cory in baby blue and his dad in mint green.....don't forget the ruffles!!

By the end of the night Cory had to lose the bow tie...but it didn't go far (Thanks to me!)
And did i mention his trophy is almost FIVE FEET TALL?!?!??!!
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