Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy mothers day!!!

Mom- Thank you so much for all you have done for me and Cory!!! You are such a great example to me! You're an amazing mother, words can't describe the respect and appreciation I have for you. I love you!!
Karen- You have raised an amazing son, you know what he did this morning?... He made me breakfast in bed! He treats me like gold and I have you to thank for that! Thanks for always looking out for us! I love you!

OH ya....and Im pregnant!!
Due: October 11th, preferably around eleven so i can get Jimmy Johns for lunch!?! Beach club on wheat if anyone is taking notes.
How: I drank the water thats being passed around!! I swear everyones pregnant right now, and having girls......We find out this friday! (you got nervous with the how part huh!!)
Predictions: I totally thought it was a girl up till about one week ago when i had a dream.....
We were at some ladies house and she informed me that if we wanted to see what I was having that I should go up into her attic and we would find Cory and I wandered up there (who wouldn't) and there was this little four year old boy. Jeans, button up shirt and a little puffy vest with Blonde blonde (aka very blonde) hair spiked up in the front!! He ran to us saying mommy....daddy!!! We played with him for a little bit and then when it was time to go he said "See you soon....."! I would have put money down that it is a girl and now i have no idea!!!! Good thing we are finding out in five days or i would go to the mall and fetal photo it up!

Here's a picture of my belly at seventeen weeks and drum roll please....The little person growing inside of me! This was at 11 weeks, the doctor pulled up the picture and was shocked at how active the little peanut was! The little one was kicking and punching the air till it floated up and would stop to float down, once it hit the ground it would do it all over again!!! Playing game already!