Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hi my name is Levi,
Levi Jamison McArthur to be more specific! I am now four weeks old but my mother is a slacker and can't get anything done cuz i'm so dang cute! The pictures below will prove it! Let me update you..... I was born on october 10th at 2:11 am! My mom and I had a deal when i was in the "hotel de womb", If i didn't hurt her on the way out and if i made a quick exit then she would give me anything I wanted for the rest of my life! Sucker... Five hours (start to finish) i graced her with my presence and rocked her world! All 7 pounds 0 oz and 20 inches of me! Upon arrival, i had a hard time with that whole breathing business... Its hard ok! So after daddy cut off my leash and mommy got to kiss my head then they took me down to the nursery to help me! I had the best nurses and doctors! After about four hours i decided it was time to pull it together and let the nice ladies take me to my mom so i could match a face to the beautiful voice i heard for so long! Dang she is a looker! Daddy got super lucky to have such a hot wife! Well the rest is pretty much history! I love to sleep, eat and poop!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Almost done!!

36 weeks.. I can't believe that I'm almost done being pregnant!! Let me just tell you i'm THRILLED to be able to fit into normal clothes again! Even my "big" pajama shirts are barely fitting over my belly! Fall is my favorite time of year for fashion, scarfs, boots, blazers and jackets. Oh I could start pushing right now (to get the kid out..) But I will hold off on all the "tricks" till 38 weeks then the fun begins!
Most commonly asked question: Are you ready? Well for a blanket answer to the world, Nope not even close, but I have a package of new born diapers and his car seat, thats all I really need right? I still have a few showers to attend in jr's honor, and my sister threw me the most AMAZING SHOWER! But mentally i'm not ready! Will I ever be?
The nursery is not even close to being done and I have come to terms that he won't even need/use it for awhile so pictures will have to wait... :) Plus the house hasn't been deep cleaned yet, I guess the nesting thing has not kicked in! I'm jumping into motherhood the right way! Feet first and my eyes closed!
Well my friend from work convinced me to do maternity pictures, most of our ideas came from pintrest.... the most addicting thing since sliced bread! Neither her nor I are professionals but I think we did a pretty good job! Plus cory was a good sport to tag along and sit through this with me!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Progress of our little man boy!

18 weeks: Craving...SALSA!!!!
Happy birthday to me,
20 Weeks: Started to feel his sweet little kicks...
All day long, not just at night when i'd try to go to bed!
23 Weeks: Still craving salsa,
and Anything mexican!
27 weeks and still counting!
I'm still feeling awesome!! Bed time gets a little tricky, when i lay on my side jr. flips so he is jumping on the bed. So i turn on to my other side and the little champ finds his way over there and does the same thing!!! What a smart little slugger! The only thing that seems to get him to stop is putting Nora Jones on and sticking the speaker right next to my belly! Then he is calm as a cucumber (Grandma Woodliefs classic saying)!
p.s.........Homemade salsa season is coming up, If anyone needs a good taste tester, you know where to find me!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy mothers day!!!

Mom- Thank you so much for all you have done for me and Cory!!! You are such a great example to me! You're an amazing mother, words can't describe the respect and appreciation I have for you. I love you!!
Karen- You have raised an amazing son, you know what he did this morning?... He made me breakfast in bed! He treats me like gold and I have you to thank for that! Thanks for always looking out for us! I love you!

OH ya....and Im pregnant!!
Due: October 11th, preferably around eleven so i can get Jimmy Johns for lunch!?! Beach club on wheat if anyone is taking notes.
How: I drank the water thats being passed around!! I swear everyones pregnant right now, and having girls......We find out this friday! (you got nervous with the how part huh!!)
Predictions: I totally thought it was a girl up till about one week ago when i had a dream.....
We were at some ladies house and she informed me that if we wanted to see what I was having that I should go up into her attic and we would find out......so Cory and I wandered up there (who wouldn't) and there was this little four year old boy. Jeans, button up shirt and a little puffy vest with Blonde blonde (aka very blonde) hair spiked up in the front!! He ran to us saying mommy....daddy!!! We played with him for a little bit and then when it was time to go he said "See you soon....."! I would have put money down that it is a girl and now i have no idea!!!! Good thing we are finding out in five days or i would go to the mall and fetal photo it up!

Here's a picture of my belly at seventeen weeks and drum roll please....The little person growing inside of me! This was at 11 weeks, the doctor pulled up the picture and was shocked at how active the little peanut was! The little one was kicking and punching the air till it floated up and would stop to float down, once it hit the ground it would do it all over again!!! Playing game already!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Guppys shower

Dear Guppy,
I can't wait to meet you, we are already having parties in your honor in hopes that you will make your grand entrance soon....I keep telling your mommy to start pushing but apparently you have 4 more weeks of cooking!?!?! That's all the time I'm giving you....before..... well i will come get you! (Linds beware) So we had this great shower and made lots of yummy treats, bite size Cinnamon rolls, lemon pound cake bites, fruits and dip (colored blue cuz i love food coloring) and muffins! We sat around for hours talking about how you might look like me....highly unlikely but I'm crossing my fingers! Well little man i already love you! Good luck with your "birth" day, I'm sure it will be a party!
-Your favorite aunt, Katie
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Merry 2011

I have not been in school for....awhile now (can you say shug-a momma?) Someone has to bring in the dough right? Well everyone has been talking about their new years resolutions and I all the sudden feel as if I have missed a huge assignment due 1-1-2011! I'm still waiting for Christmas to come, maybe that's because Cory hid my new camera strap that I was going to get for Christmas....apparently his hiding skills are top notch cuz we still can't find it!! So anyways here I am ten days late and still have not even made an effort to come up with some. I think starting a new year with fresh goals and different perspectives is VERY IMPORTANT! So here i go....Find that camera strap-*-*-Learn to cook, my ward is doing a cooking class and I'm going to be better at going, those who have seen Cory know i need to fatten that boy up!! Plus he has suffered enough this last year and a half with my ... CREATIONS!!! Heaven bless my husband, he can choke down whatever I put in front of him and still somehow keep that smile! ( Shanna i need your help with that one....)-*-*-*- Decorate the salon, ksl will and has been my friend for that! We found a couch on ksl for ....FREE!!! To the untrained eye it was butt ugly but to me, it had potential.....but it didn't fit in the door to the salon, we even took the legs off and it was a no go! We turned around and sold it for 50 bones! So I'm now on the hunt for a love seat that I can reupholster and a cute design for curtains! I want something different....any suggestions? Get more Clients, extension....color....cut....doesn't matter! I also want to start moving toward weddings, I have done a lot in the past and need to start showcasing the hair and makeup I have done to get my name out!! There is nothing better then a bride on her wedding day! I love everything about weddings (heck I still throw on my dress here and there just to bring back that day!) Take a photography class, I have the equipment...i just need the knowledge!!!