Monday, January 10, 2011

Merry 2011

I have not been in school for....awhile now (can you say shug-a momma?) Someone has to bring in the dough right? Well everyone has been talking about their new years resolutions and I all the sudden feel as if I have missed a huge assignment due 1-1-2011! I'm still waiting for Christmas to come, maybe that's because Cory hid my new camera strap that I was going to get for Christmas....apparently his hiding skills are top notch cuz we still can't find it!! So anyways here I am ten days late and still have not even made an effort to come up with some. I think starting a new year with fresh goals and different perspectives is VERY IMPORTANT! So here i go....Find that camera strap-*-*-Learn to cook, my ward is doing a cooking class and I'm going to be better at going, those who have seen Cory know i need to fatten that boy up!! Plus he has suffered enough this last year and a half with my ... CREATIONS!!! Heaven bless my husband, he can choke down whatever I put in front of him and still somehow keep that smile! ( Shanna i need your help with that one....)-*-*-*- Decorate the salon, ksl will and has been my friend for that! We found a couch on ksl for ....FREE!!! To the untrained eye it was butt ugly but to me, it had potential.....but it didn't fit in the door to the salon, we even took the legs off and it was a no go! We turned around and sold it for 50 bones! So I'm now on the hunt for a love seat that I can reupholster and a cute design for curtains! I want something different....any suggestions? Get more Clients, extension....color....cut....doesn't matter! I also want to start moving toward weddings, I have done a lot in the past and need to start showcasing the hair and makeup I have done to get my name out!! There is nothing better then a bride on her wedding day! I love everything about weddings (heck I still throw on my dress here and there just to bring back that day!) Take a photography class, I have the equipment...i just need the knowledge!!!