Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas is coming....the goose is getting fat!

Having no Internet really puts a damper on blogging! No worries friends I'm back in business! Well close, we will have renters by the end of this week, once they move in we will be sharing Internet with them! There goes my life....blogging all the time! So here is all the random things we have been up to over the past month and a half!!
Here we are.....locked into this marriage....literally!!! Cory looks nervous....babe no worries i wont much:) Classic Corn Bellys family picture!!! Date night with the almost newly weds!!!
We got fed up with the corn maze....going into it you think you are going to have this life changing experience in a field of corn, I'm here to tell you its not life changing...its really just a bunch of really tall corn stalks and a lot of confused people!

Lyns and bri's wedding!!! It was so BEAUTIFUL!!! They were all smiles the whole day! Two weddings in two months....sorry mom and dad! Cory and I can proudly say we are not the newly weds anymore, we have passed the title on to you lyns!
From a couple with 2 months and 2 days of marriage experience under our belts .......feel free to come to us with any questions ! ;)

ALWAYS MY SISTER FOREVER MY FRIEND! I LOVE YOU LINDSEY! I'M SO PROUD OF YOU, I KNOW IT WAS A LONG HARD ROAD BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT! kill me baby girl! (She is not mad in the picture...this is just one of the faces she pulls when she is trying to get your attention!)Girls day out, we went to gardener village to see the darling witches!

My mother in-law, Karen and i decided about three months ago that we were going to make these cake pops from the website....cakerella?!?! Sara, Tara, Karen and i had a BLAST making these little Halloween treats! They turned out awesome!

Yes....Cake in the shape of a ball on a stick!!! Not a big deal really!
.....ODE to KITCHEN AID.....
Dear my cute red kitchen aid,
I love you!
You make baking so much fun!
I go through out my day thinking of things i could stir....just so i can use you!
I promise to cook we can play,
Thanks for being red, and matching my kitchen!
I will continue to display you PROUDLY!
love, Me

Tara and Wyatt came for our fun Halloween party!
Award: Coolest costume....second to ours!

Costume of the YEAR!!!!!
Ya, I ride

I love my bike!
We went up to the lava hot springs for the weekend, just for fun!! We met a few of Cory's mission comps up there! We made it a weekend, found and cute little motel (with color TV) and then on Saturday we drove down to Logan to visit some old friend! I love our random weekend trips!

Notice the .....COLOR TV!!! What a catch!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Theres no place like home!'s the moment you have all been waiting for!! OUR NEW HOUSE! This house is to DIE for! Its everything we could have ever asked for in a first home...and more!! Sorry the pictures are kinda crappy but you get the point!! This is our "table" for right now! It our island, and we love it! We bought the chairs and target and Cory put them together, it works! They are perfect height and number for our little family!
Our kitchen! .... yes that is a red kitchen-aid in the corner!!! I was so excited when Cory's grandma gave us that, i now have to start cooking so i can use it!

This is our living room! We got the couches and chair for free! People are so nice to newlyweds!
Our key holder........Long story about this.......short version
Saturday night-locked ourselves out, yes the keys were right here where they should be!
Lock smiths- Stink and think that charging us 150$ is funny in the middle of the night.
Sunday- Rolls around and still not in the house, we ended up sleeping at Cory's parents house
Lock smith- Still stink and say that Sunday prices are now over 150$
.................we don't have 150 buck-er-OS to spend......................
Church 11:00- In our pants and tee shirts from the night before, we decide we need the blessings and still go just sit out on the couches.
Mothers BMW- wont start.....who really knows why? (our car still locked in our house....with the house keys)
6 minutes to church- We decided that we REALLY needed the blessings so we jump on his parents pedals just little stubs cuz they are mountain bikes.
Bike to church- UP HILL.........yep we got sweaty!
Stayed for one talk and one song and went to go visit our friend because we were getting funny looks! Who blames them for staring at us.....we were in smelly jeans and dirty tee shirts!
Needless to say, we biked down to our house and through my genius ways got in!!!
Moral of the story.....go to church!
Our cute living room view to the kitchen!

Blurry picture of the corner of our room
Our bed and new night stand!

Master Bathroom!
Closet!!!! I know i HUGE!!!
Cory is still surprised that i filled it! clearly he didn't really know what he got himself into!
The front!!!! Pretty huh!
Not pictured....
band room-office, other bathroom, unfinished salon, laundry room.....i forgot to take pictures!

Monday, October 12, 2009

No Internet!!

Ok, sad news of the week, there is no Internet in our new house..........BUT GOOD NEWS IS THAT WE MOVED IN!!! We are in the house and ready to start actually living in it!! Sorry no pictures, its hard when you have no comp to download them!! The new house is BEAUTIFUL!!! We have lived in it for a little over a week with no problems.....that is until last night!!
We had Cory's parents over for dinner as a thank you for building the house slash showing i can lease one meal!!! (now they can sleep at night knowing their son will be fed....most of the time!) So after the prayer we were all standing around for a minute and all the sudden i see two drops come from the light above us...... oh yes you better believe it, we had a leak!!! Not just any leak, with in seconds it became a full stream! We hurried and turn off the water and lights and ate in the living room awaiting the water man! Ross.....what a gem, he came to our house at 8:30 on a Sunday night to rip up our house to find the problem! When they were putting in the hot water...something, a nail had punched a PBC pipe! We are super lucky that it happened at the moment we were all standing there and could catch it before we had 6 inches of water covering the basement floor!!! Now with only two medium sized holes our house.... it's fixed! Now we are just crossing our fingers that there are no more leaks!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

They are ALIVE!

Maybe my fish went on vacation for a few days cuz i promise they were gone for a good 3 worries they are alive and kicking!
Cory- i promise to not over feed are children (aka fish) anymore!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fish killer

So i thought it would be fun to have fish......fake fish that is....... (the real ones smell)!
I thought to myself .......
Digital Fish!
What could be better then 10 cute black fish that swim around in a tank that you don't even have to clean!!
Could life get any better?
Apparently i killed these fish cuz they are am i to ever have children if i cant keep digital fish alive?
Cory kept telling me that if i feed them to much (aka click on the screen 10 thousand times cuz cool black appear) They would die!!
I didn't think he was serious!
Now my blog is Fish-less :(

Hallmark card 101

As we were going through our wedding cards in Cancun (PS thanks Cody and Sara for grabbing those for us before we left!! ) We came across this card that changed my way of looking at marriage! FYI I'm NOT a card person....some people spend up to five dollars on a card and just sign the bottom! Homemade cards or self written cards are different....Props to Hallmark for catching my attention!
How to make a beautiful life together
Reflections on marriage for the bride and groom
Let love be your shelter,
The world is noisy
and confusing at times,
that is a haven,
a peaceful place where you can
listen to your hearts and savor
the comfortable closeness
you share.
No matter how busy
your days may be,
MAKE TIME for yourselves.
Hold hands. Unwind.
Surprise each other.
Find little chances every day
to show you're grateful to be partners,
to be friends, to be married.
Life is not perfect.
but each time
you meet life's challenges together,
you will grow wiser, stronger,
and surer of your love.
cherish your yesterdays.
They are irreplaceable souvenirs
of your journey through life.
that will bring smiles and sighs
whenever you look back..
(look back often)
Look forward, too.
Dream together. Plan together.
Believe in your tomorrows,
because tomorrows
are what forever is made of.
To make love last,
put each other first.
That is the way to make a
beautiful life together.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

OuR hOuSe

Our house is ALMOST done!! These pictures were taken a few weeks ago, we now have cabinets, all the appliances in, and....everything! We are just waiting for the carpet to go in (that may have gone in today) and this Friday is the final inspection! So if we pass we will be rollin in this Saturday! I cant believe how blessed we are! Cory's dad is a general contractor and decided to build two homes up in alpine, one house is up for sell and the other is a rental!! We will be renting out the basement and some lucky person will set up camp upstairs! Plus we both got jobs right there in alpine and will be working less then a mile from home!!
We have had a BLAST living with his parents...seriously! They are awesome, but it will be fun to play house all by ourselves!
Our first big purchases: Washer and dryer.......and Fridge!
The view from the hallway by the kitchen.... that's our front door! Cory welcoming in our guests!
The beautiful house

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Labor day- Bear lake!!

I think.... I know I'm going to be sad when we have kids and we cant just get up and decide to go to bear lake for the night! We knew we wanted to go camping for labor day but didn't really have any plans on where to go or what we were doing! So as i was talking to Kilee she told me that they were going to bear lake and invited us to camp on the lawn of the cabin!!! That's exactly what we did! Sure there were beds for us to sleep in, inside the cabin but that wouldn't be very fun! So we just drove up for the night and played on the boats in the morning!! It was so fun! Thanks Ki and Ty for letting us come play!
Cory Learned to wake surf!! He got up and did awesome, even let go of the rope a few times!
Pro wake boarder.....Jumped the wake......360......toe touch......Just kidding! Sadly that was my first wake board of the season because of finishing school and the wedding we didn't really have time to go boating!! I was pretty sore the next few days!

Ki and Ty holding on for dear life!
I sure love this man!
It was about 12:30am when we got the tent up! Good thing Cory had his head lamp!!! ha ha

What we do in our spare time!

........Its pretty was about 11pm and we were bored, so naturally we grabbed the goggles and the picnic blanket, jumped on the bikes and headed down to Burgess park to star gaze!!!
Here's Cory...packed up and ready to ride!
Notice the ponytail....ha ha I was playing with his hair about thirty minutes before this picture and with him not knowing, i put that in!!! The best part of it, he had no idea!! It was not till after dinner that i finally couldn't keep a straight face anymore and busted up laughing!
-My First home cooked meal-
What a well balanced meal!
Micah, Sean and Cory SCRAPED their plates clean!! Not a big deal


Who: Cory and Katie McArthur!!
Where: Dreams Resort Cancun, Mexico!!!
When: Aug 15Th-21st
In deciding where we were going to go on our honeymoon, we had thought of Hawaii, Paris.....jk i wish!! But i had never been to Cancun, and Cory had! He had nothing but good things to say about the AMAZINGLY BLUE WATER.....and he was right!!!
Here we have a lifeguard station.....maybe he was on his lunch break? ha ha
The hotel was all inclusive so we really only spent about 100 dollars besides the hotel, that was for food in the airports and snorkeling!! We were the only ones on the tour so the little swimming man...i don't remember his name, was awesome and took us to the coolest spots!!
We saw......
1-Sea Turtle
5-Mantras!... spelling?
93847384734- Sweet Fish!
We wanted to take a picture by the name of the hotel so this huge group stood back so we could get a good one.....little did they know now they are apart of our history! I love the little man with his hands on his hips, he looks like he was in charge!
At all inclusive hotels they even have a few restaurants that are included in the price, This one we ate at all most every night!! It was really good! The little Mexican workers loved to tease us and pretend they put alcohol in our drinks....One time (half way through) Cory's drink he leans over to me to have me taste it to see if it tasted weird.... sure enough it burned going down!!! I like how Cory waited till he was half way through!! ha ha jk babe!
If this would have fit in my would have been mine! I love how unique it is!
Our Beach! Can you believe this sand!!

On our way home we had a connecting flight from Houston to SLC..... Well there was a HUGE thunderstorm over Houston and we didn't have enough fuel to wait for it to pass so we flew over to the closest airport to refuel and wait for the storm to clear! When we finally got back to Houston we had missed our flight by 25 mins! The next flight was at 7am, we didn't see any need to get a hotel so we slept in the airport! Shockingly enough those airport chairs are not as comfortable as they look..;)
This is us pretending to sleep....we tried to pull an all-nighter but i could only win and sudoku so much!!! ha ha