Monday, February 7, 2011

Guppys shower

Dear Guppy,
I can't wait to meet you, we are already having parties in your honor in hopes that you will make your grand entrance soon....I keep telling your mommy to start pushing but apparently you have 4 more weeks of cooking!?!?! That's all the time I'm giving you....before..... well i will come get you! (Linds beware) So we had this great shower and made lots of yummy treats, bite size Cinnamon rolls, lemon pound cake bites, fruits and dip (colored blue cuz i love food coloring) and muffins! We sat around for hours talking about how you might look like me....highly unlikely but I'm crossing my fingers! Well little man i already love you! Good luck with your "birth" day, I'm sure it will be a party!
-Your favorite aunt, Katie
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