Friday, June 24, 2011

Progress of our little man boy!

18 weeks: Craving...SALSA!!!!
Happy birthday to me,
20 Weeks: Started to feel his sweet little kicks...
All day long, not just at night when i'd try to go to bed!
23 Weeks: Still craving salsa,
and Anything mexican!
27 weeks and still counting!
I'm still feeling awesome!! Bed time gets a little tricky, when i lay on my side jr. flips so he is jumping on the bed. So i turn on to my other side and the little champ finds his way over there and does the same thing!!! What a smart little slugger! The only thing that seems to get him to stop is putting Nora Jones on and sticking the speaker right next to my belly! Then he is calm as a cucumber (Grandma Woodliefs classic saying)!
p.s.........Homemade salsa season is coming up, If anyone needs a good taste tester, you know where to find me!!