Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lets face it....I get bored some times!

Since Cory has started school again i have been trying to find little activities to do so i don't go crazy with boredom (while he is working on homework).....Its working so far!! I wanted to do something for my house that i actually made and this is what i came up with!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

It takes TWO to SALSA

Tracks......Dinner.......Clark Planetarium........Studio 600......

We have decided that every month we are going to have a Salt Lake City trip, Go up there and discover new things SLC has to offer! So we took the tracks up there (people watching on the tracks is the BEST!!!) We ended up going to the gateway and eating at Z tejas and then killing time at the Clark Planetarium before SALSA DANCING LESSONS STARTED! Yes that's right we went up early to take the lesson before jumping right into the Big Latino Culture Night at Studio 600! We had a blast!! We didn't know we could move like that!
Thanks Tara and Wyatt for playing with us!!!
P.S. Please take note of Cory's "Stash"..... He worked hard for it!

Saturday, January 2, 2010 worries i will ketch-u-up on our life!!

No excuses....I fell off the wagon, That's the only reason for this almost two month leave of absence!! The wagon of blogs! I haven't even blog stalked!! That's how bad i have been! Yes we do have Internet but with two jobs sometimes i just don't have time! Good thing 2010 starts a new clean slate! Let me back track a little!
We made our first baby!!!! haha
William Steven McArthur
"Chilly Willy"
Dad where's our money?!
Christmas day! Our first Christmas together
12 o' clock rolled around and I was ready to celebrate Christmas.... but turns out Cory wasn't, so we had to compromise for 6... I woke up rolled out of bed got Cory up, and walked out to the Christmas tree, but not before I ran into a wall of tape on the other side of the door, you know Santa trap... inside my stalking I found a note to go into the laundry room, inside the dryer I found my first present, a shampoo bowl!!!
One note led to another, and I got a chair to go with the bowl, a tray to hold hair supplies, and the best ever was found in our unfinished room, which Cory kept me out of for the past 2 weeks, a miracle in itself... As I walked in i stepped onto the most beautiful hard wood floor!!! He spent almost all day Christmas eve finishing it!
Thank you so much babe!!! I love you

There is a new restaurant in orem called "pirate island" we DRESSED UP!
Look at my hot pirate man!
The classic date to temple square
Once upon a time... we went to a golden party... so naturally Cory would have to grow a gold mustache.... the end.
I love the San Diego temple... we went to see Cory's cousin Rachelle and Dan's wedding. It was so fun to meet all the Marler family... His mom is from a family of 9 kids!!! I found out I am number 120 in the Marler posterity.
We celebrated our first.....Christmas party!! It was so fun to have a bunch of our close friends over for a awesome dinner and a white elephant exchange! These glasses are the coolest! When you look at the Christmas lights they turn into shapes!