Sunday, April 25, 2010

So i really want to learn how to edit a a champ! I want to be able to pop a color with out screwing up the whole picture. Also i want to learn how to just sharpen the eyes so the eyes stand out.... I NEED HELP!!! Got any good tips?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Employee

Hi My name is Roy. I have recently been hired by as their new editor in chief... Apparently one of their few followers (we'll call her midge)... would like a professional error free blog... I was around when the uproar came about, so I volunteered. They hired me on the spot. I don't have much of a resume, no credentials, references, or experience, but I hope you'll enjoy my twist on things... I would like to dedicate this post to the aforementioned "Midge."

Dear Midge

Don't like how they spell on their blog Midge?
Maybe I'll misspell stuff on your tall fridge...
Those magnetic letters get you all uptight
Cuz misspelin' stuf doesn't make you feal write.
Does that make you cringe, seein' those letters mixed up?
Does your hair start to singe, cause your face is burnin' up?
Are your fists in the air, cursin' me for writin' this? If so... I gotta say... mission accomplished.

Well that's my post, life is going good back at the ranch. Katie is feelin' good about her new employee (I just showed her my draft of this post). I hope I get a raise.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Flood!

Cory and i were planning on coming home for lunch around 1:30 on Friday the 9th......So around that time Cory calls wondering if i could come pick him up and said that i needed to hurry. I was thinking he was sick or something so i hurried over there and he looked and acted fine!! As i got to the four way stop right by our house Cory turns to me and asks...."are you ready for an adventure?" So here i am thinking he is going to make something really good for lunch....and as we turn on to our street he breaks it to me that our house is flooding!!! He was so calm i didn't really believe him! But sure enough the renter above us was running around outside our house trying to figure out where the water was generating from. He had called Cory at work to inform him that our walk out basement was half way full of water and he didn't know where it was coming from! So as i walk in to our house the only damage i could really tell was that the whole kitchen was underwater and running into the laundry room. But as I walked into the cold storage there was water coming down the walls! We shut off the outside water but the water was still pouring in our house because it was coming mainly from the front door where the water was a foot above the base. Surprise Surprise our sprinkler system was not winterized properly and the pipe was SHATTERED in more then one spot! Oh the joys of being a home owner!!! Within minutes we had both of our parents and wyatt helping us get the water out! We caught it in time so nothing was really ruined! We ripped up the carpets that day just got that back down, we now are just waiting for one more spot to dry out and then we can get our kitchen floor fixed!!!! It really has been a adventure!!!