Monday, October 18, 2010

Batman and...Superman?

Nitro Circus Halloween race 2010

Cory and Cody after the race!
I never see the resemblance until you get them side by side!

Cory, mid race waiting his turn to be smart and skip the log section!

Superman=Steve...... Thor=Cody........ Batman=Cory
First time in years all three of them together on the starting line!

Notice the six pack in Superman's throat!!! hahaha

Would you believe that both of these costumes were size 10-12 (large) little boys!!

Tara and Wyatt dressed up like Wayne and Garth from the famous Waynes World!!! They nailed the outfits and hair! one said that during this race they had to go over.... tractor tires, logs, rocks, crushed cars!!!! Not something for a wife to watch! Thanks baby for riding "smart"!!!!