Thursday, June 17, 2010

Out of SHAPE!!!

Driving down main street there is almost more traffic with the runners and bikers then there are cars!! Alpine is stuffed with fit little people trying to look their best in their new yellow polka-dot bikini! So naturally i thought i would jump on that! The work out videos do no justice when its sunny outside! This last tuesday i thought it would be nice to take a little jog outside, Harmless right? Wrong, i thought i was going to die! I got to the end of my driveway and my ipod dies, i should have known to stop right there....This running business is not my thing! Yet i decide to keep on, keepin on! So i get one block north and see the cemetery hill, I see people run up hills all the time and they look just fine! So i attempt it, and failed! I NOW realize you need to either walk up STEEP hills or at least work up to it. I was so tired after that i ended up walking around the creepy cemetery and jog/walk/look pathetic as i worked my way home! So today i planned on redeeming myself with biking instead of running! Which went a little better, but i think its only because on my way home it was all down hill and i just sat there and enjoyed the ride! You got to give me credit for trying right! Moral of the story is....i need to get my lazy butt out of the house more!! Plus get some sun on these stems of mine! I think people were blinded by my white legs! That's a whole other story! And now i want to go boating.... any takers?