Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas is coming....the goose is getting fat!

Having no Internet really puts a damper on blogging! No worries friends I'm back in business! Well close, we will have renters by the end of this week, once they move in we will be sharing Internet with them! There goes my life....blogging all the time! So here is all the random things we have been up to over the past month and a half!!
Here we are.....locked into this marriage....literally!!! Cory looks nervous....babe no worries i wont much:) Classic Corn Bellys family picture!!! Date night with the almost newly weds!!!
We got fed up with the corn maze....going into it you think you are going to have this life changing experience in a field of corn, I'm here to tell you its not life changing...its really just a bunch of really tall corn stalks and a lot of confused people!

Lyns and bri's wedding!!! It was so BEAUTIFUL!!! They were all smiles the whole day! Two weddings in two months....sorry mom and dad! Cory and I can proudly say we are not the newly weds anymore, we have passed the title on to you lyns!
From a couple with 2 months and 2 days of marriage experience under our belts .......feel free to come to us with any questions ! ;)

ALWAYS MY SISTER FOREVER MY FRIEND! I LOVE YOU LINDSEY! I'M SO PROUD OF YOU, I KNOW IT WAS A LONG HARD ROAD BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT! kill me baby girl! (She is not mad in the picture...this is just one of the faces she pulls when she is trying to get your attention!)Girls day out, we went to gardener village to see the darling witches!

My mother in-law, Karen and i decided about three months ago that we were going to make these cake pops from the website....cakerella?!?! Sara, Tara, Karen and i had a BLAST making these little Halloween treats! They turned out awesome!

Yes....Cake in the shape of a ball on a stick!!! Not a big deal really!
.....ODE to KITCHEN AID.....
Dear my cute red kitchen aid,
I love you!
You make baking so much fun!
I go through out my day thinking of things i could stir....just so i can use you!
I promise to cook we can play,
Thanks for being red, and matching my kitchen!
I will continue to display you PROUDLY!
love, Me

Tara and Wyatt came for our fun Halloween party!
Award: Coolest costume....second to ours!

Costume of the YEAR!!!!!
Ya, I ride

I love my bike!
We went up to the lava hot springs for the weekend, just for fun!! We met a few of Cory's mission comps up there! We made it a weekend, found and cute little motel (with color TV) and then on Saturday we drove down to Logan to visit some old friend! I love our random weekend trips!

Notice the .....COLOR TV!!! What a catch!